Normani - Dopamine [Album] Download

The 28-year-old has talked about not having the confidence to record a song such as Big Boy when work on the album first started in 2018, and there’s a definite sense of Normani figuring out an artistic identity throughout Dopamine’s 13 tracks. 

Occasionally she’s overpowered by her musical reference points, or the sonic imprint of her collaborators.




  1. Big Boy (feat. Starrah) 
  2. Still 
  3. All Yours
  4. Lights On 
  5. Take My Time
  6. Insomnia
  7. Candy Paint
  8. Grip
  9. 1:59 (feat. Gunna)
  10. Distance
  11. Tantrums (feat. James Blake)
  12. Little Secrets
  13. Wild Side (feat. Cardi B)


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