$uicideboy$ - New World Depression [Album] Download

Rappers $crim and Ruby da Cherry, the duo known as $uicideboy$, are both recovering opioid addicts, and they treat their battles with drugs, depression, and suicidal ideation as a flex. 

Not to put too fine a point on it, their 20-part mixtape series is titled Kill Yourself. And the New Orleans pair’s fourth studio album, the aptly titled New World Depression, delivers even more posturing.



1. Lone Wolf Hysteria

2. Mental Clarity Is a Luxury I Can’t Afford

3. The Thin Grey Line

4. Thorns

5. Misery in Waking Hours

6. Burgundy

7. Transgressions

8. Are You Going to See the Rose in the Vase, or the Dust on the Table

9. All of My Problems Always Involve Me

10. The Light at the End of the Tunnel for $9.99 a Month

11. Drag ‘Em to the River (Totalitarian Remix)

12. Us Vs. Them

13. Kill Yourself V


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