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Antonoff and his crew are still trying to answer the plea from the last album’s title. There, Bleachers’ best grooves were tied up in stadium-made swirl. It was a world where Talking Heads headlined Live Aid: the quirks vanished at scale. But on Bleachers—especially on the singles-heavy first half—the band is simply playing for each other, much to the songs’ benefit. “Jesus Is Dead” is a dispatch from New York that wistfully namechecks Longwave and the venerated dance-punk label DFA, but the track moves with the economy of prime Strokes; instead of cresting on some post-punk swell, Antonoff dials up a dual-sax solo. They play the rapid-fire list song “Modern Girl”—think “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” crossed with “Dancing in the Dark,” but listenable—with the verve and cross-stage winks of a seasoned bar band.

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1. I Am Right On Time

2. Modern Girl

3. Jesus Is Dead

4. Me Before You

5. Alma Mater

6. Tiny Moves

7. Isimo

8. Woke Up Today

9. Self Respect

10. Hey Joe

11. Call Me After Midnight

12. We Are Going To Know Each Other Forever

13. Ordinary Heaven

14. The Waiter 

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