English Teacher - This Could Be Texas [Album] Download

 Their journey has seen them experiment with different sounds and flavours for fans to witness in real-time, and here we have the final cumulation of the past few year's hard work. Presenting their debut album This Could Be Texas, English Teacher have proven the hard graft paid off, as their current sonic identity flourishes in perfection. The album could be one of the finest debuts of the decade, with every band member shining in their ability and craftsmanship. 

Fronted by witty Yorkshire wordsmith Lily Fontaine, she’s previously stated she wants to be a writer first and musician second, and this attitude results in some exceptional lyricism. From her reflections on struggling to find a complete identity on "Mastermind Specialism", to a social critique of dealing with being a woman of colour in the music industry on the newly recorded version of "R&B", the wonderfully crafted lyrics are raw and fascinating. 

The instruments compliment the lyrics perfectly, with touches of Johnny Marr-esque guitars on the likes of "I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying" and piano playing taken straight from a Radiohead number on "Albatross", the entire album’s instrumentals are a soothing listen on the ears.

To Listen (Streaming) Download English Teacher - This Could Be Texas Album Check Here


1. Albatross
2. The World’s Biggest Paving Slab
3. Broken Biscuits
4. I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying
5. Mastermind Specialism
6. This Could Be Texas
7. Not Everybody Gets to Go to Space
8. R&B
9. Nearly Daffodils
10. The Best Tears of Your Life
11. You Blister My Paint
12. Sideboob
13. Albert Road

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