Maggie Rogers - Don’t Forget Me [Album] MP3 Download

Maggie Rogers’s new single, “Don’t Forget Me,” is a bittersweet anthem of longing. The song reconciles a desire for security and love with a rejection of the pressures associated with adult relationships. “Don’t Forget Me,” strangely familiar, elicits a sense of nostalgia in the listener, whether because of its slow, stripped instrumentals or the relatability of its message.

The track starts with a swaying guitar and piano beat as the lyrics confess, “My friend Sally’s getting married / And to me, that sounds so scary.” Rogers, at 29 years old, introduces the internal struggle at the heart of the song: While the people around her move to the next stages of their lives and romantic relationships, Rogers still struggles to confront adulthood. She fears this next chapter of her life, feeling unprepared for the prospect of long-term commitment.

As the vocals swell and the chord progression builds, the lyrics of the chorus complement the rush of emotion that the music evokes. Rogers begs, “So close the door and change the channel / Give me something I can handle / A good lover or someone that’s nice to me.” By expressing her desire to revert to something familiar, Rogers depicts the discomfort that comes with the pressures of growing older. At an age muddled with expectations like marriage and family, she reminisces about a simpler, carefree time. All she wants is “a good lover,” separated from burdens of a long-term relationship.



1. It Was Coming All Along
2. Drunk
3. So Sick Of Dreaming
4. The Kill
5. If Now Was Then
6. I Still Do
7. On & On & On
8. Never Going Home
9. All The Same
10. Don’t Forget Me

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