Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS Album

Olivia Rodrigo isn't done spilling her GUTS quite yet. The pop star, 21, is set to release the deluxe version of her hit 2023 album, titled GUTS (spilled), on Friday. She announced the news while performing in the second night of her GUTS World Tour stop at Chicago's United Center on Wednesday night, as well as on Instagram. 

Fans captured photos and videos of the on-stage moment, which saw Rodrigo unfolding and holding up a piece of paper that said, "GUTS DELUXE OUT FRIDAY," while she was surrounded by her back-up dancers who held signs with the names of the new songs that are on the way. According to the footage that surfaced on social media, the crowd erupted into cheers while the Grammy winner smirked at their reaction.

Guts, her uproarious second album, is a collection of bratty rocker-chick anthems and soul-searching ballads that could slot into the soundtrack of any classic high school flick, from 10 Things I Hate About You to this year’s ludicrous queer sex comedy Bottoms. While it might seem tailored to zoomers, several generations will hear the music of their youth: from Blondie and Toni Basil, to Hole and Letters to Cleo, to Avril Lavigne and the Veronicas, to the more recent Lorde. Rodrigo faces a familiar cast of antagonists: shitty boys, social anxiety, bad self-image, and competitive obsessions with other beautiful women. On the pop-punk freakout “ballad of a homeschooled girl,” she spirals over her various party faux pas—smashing glasses, blabbing too much—and wonders, once again, why a girl can’t catch a break. She might as well have called the album Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen: “Everything I do is tragic/Every guy I like is gay,” she sighs exasperatedly, a theater girl to her core.


1. All American Bitch

2. Bad Idea Right?

3. Vampire

4. Lacy

5. Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl

6. Making the Bed

7. Logical

8. Get Him Back

9. Love Is Embarrassing

10. The Grudge

11. Pretty Isn’t Pretty

12. Teenage Dream

13. Obsessed

14. Girl I’ve Always Been

15. Scared of My Guitar

16. Stranger

17. So American

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