Justin Bieber - Justice (The Complete Edition) Album

 Justin Bieber’s decision to open his sixth album, Justice, with a sample of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech—and to plop in another one halfway through—is revealing, but perhaps not for the reasons he intended. In the half-century following Dr. King’s assassination, liberalism has turned him, a revolutionary figure once hated by the majority of white Americans for his commitment to racial, religious, and economic justice, into a convenient accessory through which to signal a vague, corporation-safe message in support of Black people. 

And if Bieber is anything, he is a corporation; perhaps that is why I don’t find it especially jarring to hear King’s exhortation for radical sacrifice juxtaposed with a song about being horny enough to walk through fire. On Instagram, I see this style of cognitive dissonance, or willful cynicism, deployed almost daily by media companies, influencers and celebrities, people I knew in college, even an Etsy plant store. This is just how we communicate now. Leave it to Bieber to, however unintentionally, hold up a mirror to a culture that doesn’t want to see itself.

Paradoxically, behind the cringeworthy MLK controversy is a surprisingly compelling record, an earnest pop album that unearths the charisma and agility that helped make him a star to begin with. Bieber, now 27, seems to be having fun for the first time since his well-documented pubescence. After all, he is in something like the spring solstice of his life, having emerged from a period of distress that included heavy drug use and suicidal ideation into a well-adjusted millennial adulthood, grounded in the joys of marriage and the salvation of Christ. Whereas his last album, 2020’s R&B-led Changes, was burdened by the compulsion to prove to an antagonistic public that he’s no longer the baby-faced teen they first met nor the tempestuous shithead he soon became, Justice shows Bieber experimenting with ideas that are new to him, even if they are not new to the pop landscape.


1. 2 Much
2. Deserve You
3. As I Am (feat. Khalid)
4. Off My Face
5. Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper)
6. Unstable (feat. The Kid LAROI)
7. MLK Interlude
8. Die For You (feat. Dominic Fike)
9. Hold On
10. Somebody
11. Ghost
12. Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & GIVĒON)
13. Love You Different (feat. Beam)
14. Loved By You (feat. Burna Boy)
15. Anyone
16. Lonely
17. There She Go (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
18. I Can’t Be Myself (feat. Jaden)
19. Lifetime
20. Wish You Would (feat. Quavo)
21. Know No Better (feat. DaBaby)
22. Name (feat. Tori Kelly)
23. Red Eye (feat. TroyBoi)
24. Angels Speak (feat. Poo Bear)
25. Hailey

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