Sia - Reasonable Woman [Album] Stream ,Tracklist Songs

Reasonable Woman, her 10th studio album, is her first release since 2021’s Music – both her widely derided musical film and the accompanying record that followed. It featured longtime Sia creative partner/avatar Maddie Ziegler (who is not autistic) as the titular character (who is) in a portrayal that was criticised as offensive, ableist “minstrelsy”. Last year, Sia publicly disclosed her own autism diagnosis, reframing Music as the work of an autistic person who did not yet understand herself as such and hoping it would be reassessed eventually. Over her career, she has spoken about alcoholism, addiction and relapse; her diagnoses of Graves’ disease, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, “bipolar hypomania” and chronic pain; and her complex relationships with success, fame and her public image.

All of this, then, lends context to her particular brand of all-purpose pop defiance. She told Rolling Stone in 2018 that her high-concept, “victim to victory” pop songs (often with single-word titles such as Titanium, Invincible, Sledgehammer) are the ones she usually gives to other artists, but she keeps the ones she “relates to”. Perhaps only she can see the distinction, of course; there are plenty of tracks on Reasonable Woman that are so broad, so simplistic that they feel like first drafts.



1. Little Wing
2. Immortal Queen (feat. Chaka Khan)
3. Dance Alone
4. I Had A Heart
5. Gimme Love
6. Nowhere To Be
7. Towards The Sun
8. Incredible (feat. Labrinth)
9. Champion (feat. Tierra Whack, Kaliii & Jimmy Jolliff)
10. I Forgive You
11. Wanna Be Known
12. One Night
13. Fame Won’t Love You (feat. Paris Hilton)
14. Go On
15. Rock and Balloon

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