Wallows – Model Album Download (Zip&Mp3)

THEIR ALBUM ISN’T out yet, but the boys of Wallows are ready to play it live. In arenas. Rolling Stone can exclusively announce that Wallows — the alt-rock band made up of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston — will release its third album Model on May 24.

 On the 12-track LP, the trio lets go of the “anxious tendencies” of their past music, resulting in what they believe is their lightest project yet. “We want this to be the most approachable album we’ve made. 

I want people to put this on if they’re not really a fan of us, and be gripped immediately,” Minnette tells Rolling Stone. “We don’t want to take too much of their attention, but we want to keep it. We keep them the whole time and make them want to come back.”



1. Your Apartment
2. Anytime, Always
3. Calling After Me
4. Bad Dream
5. A Warning
6. I Wouldn’t Mind
7. You (Show Me Where My Days Went)
8. Canada
9. Don’t You Think It’s Strange?
10. She’s an Actress
11. Going Under
12. Only Ecstasy


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