BossMan Dlow - Mr Beat the Road Album

 “Get in With Me” is the lead single on Mr Beat the Road, the Port Salerno-bred rapper’s first mixtape since entering the mainstream fold. At 17 tracks, it’s a pedal-to-the-metal blur of hustler’s ambition and fantasies about all the irresponsible shit you can do with too much money. Dlow is not a versatile rapper. The Michigan-meets-the-South party beats are formulaic and his one-note celebratory punch-ins mean that the mixtape is full of lesser variants of “Get in With Me.” The good news is that “Get in With Me” is such a shot of adrenaline that even B-tier versions of it still make you want to act a fool. 

When Mr Beat the Road brings to mind the grind and glory of Southern rap albums of the past, it’s not the emotionally complex ones that sound as if they’ve survived war, like Jeezy’s TM101 or Webbie’s Savage Life, but the hard-earned flash and opulence of a Big Tymers project. In that duo, Birdman and Mannie Fresh were two limited rappers getting by on swag and embellishment, with a deadeye focus on all the rims and chains their years of grueling work had gotten them, rather than the work itself. Mr Beat the Road is pretty similar. The recurring background sounds of scraped pots, flickering burners, and rubber on pavement remind you of the hustle, but mostly Dlow’s having a good-ass time. His greatest attribute is that he can’t wait to tell you how large he’s living, an excitement so contagious that rapping along feels like part of the experience.

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01. Pressure
02. 21
03. Dove
04. Boss Talk
05. Get In With Me
06. Mr Pot Scraper
07. Lil Bastard (feat. Rob49)
08. Dopeman
09. Come Here (feat. Sexyy Red)
10. Talk My Shit
11. Trippin
12. Obama Runtz (feat. Wizz Havinn)
13. Piss Me Off
14. Money Over Bitches
15. Mike Smiff
16. Muscle Up
17. 22

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