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When the news broke that long-time act, Sum 41 called it a day; emo hearts broke worldwide. The band produced many songs for our soundtrack over their insane 27-year run as a band. But as a final gift to the band’s fans and a final manifesto, Sum 41’s final effort, Heaven :x: Hell,  hit the shelves today.

 With a slew of tour dates announced for this year worldwide, including the final Boston performance at MGM Fenway on April 30th, the setlist is undoubtedly something that curating will be a lengthy discussion. It’s an impossible feat, considering the album the band just released is straight bangers throughout. It’s broken down into two sections, with Heaven  being more pop punk riffs and catchy lyrics, and with Hell, definitely more of the heavy metal tinge that fans have grown to love from the band. As soon as “Rise Up” hit, I was immediately brought back to many nights at the Worcester Palladium with maybe even a little hair swoop as I dove in.

 But before I get ahead of myself, this album screams the need for it to come to life in the live setting. I’m sure longtime fans would be content just to have the new record come to life, but you know some of the classics will have to be involved. Throughout the record, songs seem coded for specific eras. In particular, a standout for me was definitely what appears to be a throwback to “Pieces”  and “With Me,” with the farewell to the Heaven side of things with the stunning “Radio Silence.”  Earlier in the tracklisting comes “Future Primitive,” which immediately hearkened to beauties like “The Hell Song” and “Walking Disaster” to mind.

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1. Waiting On a Twist of Fate
2. Landmines
3. I Can’t Wait
4. Time Won’t Wait
5. Future Primitive
6. Dopamine
7. Not Quite Myself
8. Bad Mistake
9. Johnny Libertine
10. Radio Silence
11. Preparasi a Salire
12. Rise Up
13. Stranger In These Times
14. I Don’t Need Anyone
15. Over the Edge
16. House of Liars
17. You Wanted War
18. Paint It Black
19. It’s All Me
20. How the End Begins

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