Yung Bleu - Jeremy (Album) Download

 Yung Bleu is falling back on his roots for the most personal project of his career.The multi-platinum artist spent the past year cooking up fresh music that was inspired by his life growing up in Mobile, Al. Bleu named the album after his birthname Jeremy Biddle. He got the idea from his mother around his 30th birthday who had sent him a few photos from his childhood. One photo in particular shows Bleu as a toddler wearing blue jean shorts and a striped t-shirt with his older sister, brother and cousin. That innocent image went on to become the album cover for Jeremy.

“That was one of the images my mom just sent me one day out of nowhere,” Bleu tells iHeartRadio. “She actually inspired me to name [the album] that. Because when she sent the picture, I was just like ‘dang’ because I only got a few pictures from my childhood. That was one of the three.”


1.Everybody Hates Jeremy
2.Chrome Heart
4.Unfamiliar Lands
5.Is There Someone New?
6.Reading The Room
7.Just Need The Bass
8.Confirmation (Remix) [feat. Lil Wayne]
9.Be Ok
10.Court In The Morning
11.Buy Your Bitch Sum
13.Make Me Stay
15.Heart To Borrow
16.Live Forever
17.Back From The Dead

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