Jay Wheeler – Música Buena Para Días Malos (ALBUM) Download

 Jay Wheeler has created “Música Buena Para Días Malos”, his most recent album in which he has collaborations with Mora and Noreh, as well as a touch of retro synthesizers that complement his proposal of urban and pop music designed for the future.

“I want to help my fans, to have it as their therapy when they are having a bad day, when they are depressed or sad,” Wheeler said in a recent interview by video call from Las Vegas where he participated in the musical tribute on Thursday night. Yandel at the Latin American Music Awards ceremony. “May they have a refuge, an escape, a moment of silence with my music.”

Wheeler had heard complaints from people who believe that as the years go by there will no longer be good artists, so this made him adopt a futuristic approach, such as his album cover, in which he appears transformed into some kind of robot. The album includes an introduction in which a narrator talks about a supposed project to store the memory and dreams of deceased people created in the year 2099. In that reality, Wheeler is sent back with the mission of making good music for Bad days.




2. Admitelo 

3. Paisaje

4.  Jay Wheeler Ft. Mora – Textos Fríos

5. Otro Mas


7.En Tu Mente

8.14/15 Febrero

9. Mi Todo

1. Jay Wheeler Ft. Noreh – Maquillaje


12.Save Me


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