Ayra Starr – The Year I Turned 21 [Album]

 Superstardom might seem innate for someone like Ayra Starr. The Beninese-Nigerian singer-songwriter, born Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, possessed a certain level of self-assurance most teenagers lack on her 2021 debut album 19 & Dangerous, where her sweet, deep vocals documented her Gen-Z coming-of-age story. “[It] was literally a flex when I named my first album 19 & Dangerous. It was very key for me to be a teenage superstar.

 It was very key to represent a teenage African girl. I wanted to become the Black Hannah Montana from Lagos, Nigeria,” she tells Billboard over Zoom with a laugh. “Naming my first album 19 & Dangerous was me registering for people, ‘This music you’re about to hear was done by a 19-year-old, by the way.’ I’m dangerous as a 19-year-old.”



1. Birds Sing of Money
2. Goodbye (Warm Up)
3. Commas
4. Woman Commando
5. Control
6. Lagos Love Story
7. Rhythm & Blues
8. 21
9. Last Heartbreak Song
10. Bad Vibes
11. Orun
12. Jazzy’s Song
13. 1942
14. The Kids Are Alright
15. Santa

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