Rapsody - Please Don't Cry Album Download | Zip & Mp3

 Emerging from a foundation of fierce independence, Rapsody, a multifaceted rapper, has evolved with each new release to collaborate with some of hip-hop’s most esteemed figures. Born and raised in Snow Hill, North Carolina, her interest in music was kindled at an early age through her parents’ record collections. Her initial mixtapes prominently featured the psychedelic and soulful beats crafted by the legendary producer 9th Wonder. As her career progressed throughout the years, she began to exchange verses with renowned artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Anderson .Paak, further cementing her place in the hip-hop pantheon.

While Laila’s Wisdom from 2017 saw Rap delving introspectively, meticulously crafting an exquisite portrayal of the Black woman’s experience, Eve showcases a distinct outward focus. With her most dynamic performances thus far, Rapsody pays homage to the Black women who paved the way, simultaneously carving out new spaces for future generations of Black women to thrive. However, with the release of her fourth studio album, Please Don’t Cry, Rapsody invites her audience directly into her personal life. This album is more personal and introspective than her previous works. It is through Please Don’t Cry that we are introduced to Marlanna Evans, the individual behind the persona of Rapsody.


1. "She's Expecting You" featuring Phylicia Rashad
2. "Marlanna"
3. "Asteroids" featuring Hit-Boy
4. "Look What You've Done"
5. "DND (It's Not Personal)" featuring Bee-B
6. "Black Popstar” featuring DIXSON
7. "Stand Tall"
8. "That One Time"
9. "3:AM” featuring Erykah Badu
10. "Loose Rocks" featuring Alex Isley
11. "Diary Of A Mad B**ch" featuring Bibi Bourelly
12. "Never Enough" featuring Keznamdi
13. "He Shot Me"
14. "God's Light"
15. "Back in My Bag"
16. "Niko's Interlude" featuring Niko Brim
17. "Raw" featuring Lil Wayne
18. "Lonely Women"
19. "A Ballad for Homegirls” featuring Baby Tate
20. "Please Don't Cry Interlude" featuring Phylicia Rashad
21. "Faith"
22. "Forget Me Not" featuring Amber Navran and Phylicia Rashad


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