Pallbearer - Mind Burns Alive Album Download | Zip & Mp3

 Bringing something heartbreakingly relatable and poetic, Pallbearer has released their fifth studio album, Mind Burns Alive.  Their signature epic doom metal sound is ever present but combined here with dreamy interludes, passionate instrumentals, and lamenting vocals. The sound is crisp with each element easily heard and the vocals turned up to highlight the potency of the lyrics. The music and lyrics center on themes of isolation, trauma, and mental breakdown, while illuminated with moments of hope through redemption and the quiet, gnawing beauty of escape. 

 This album is one that feels to have been building within Pallbearer for years, awaiting the right time to come to the surface and that time has finally arrived. Mind Burns Alive opens with reverberating meditative guitar before filtered vocals are introduced sounding like an echoing memory before they are brought to the forefront and percussion is added.  This quietly contemplative track “Where the Light Fades” beautifully introduces the album.  Synths are also heard here adding to the almost unearthly and introspective feeling kicking things off and setting the tone. 

 “Endless Place” was the first single released from Mind Burns Alive and introduces guest saxophone by Norman Williamson.  This is the longest song on the album and the most diverse.  It opens with a simple acoustic guitar melody that is soon backed by synth tones and floats along before the heaviness of percussion, doom-laden guitars, and vocals burst in.  A monumental instrumental break partway through introduces sax with a peaceful melody before spiraling down into darkness and chaos and a hammering, cyclical finish.  The album ends with another longer piece “With Disease” which crushes with a powerful heaviness and darkness ending on an ominous note, leaving listeners to pensively reflect.



  1. Where the Light Fades
  2. Mind Burns Alive
  3. Signals
  4. Endless Place
  5. Daybreak
  6. With Disease


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