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 The Avett Brothers is The Avett Brothers' self-titled eleventh studio album and their sixth record working with producer Rick Rubin.

The Avett Brothers have always been poets. In the early days, when it was just brothers Scott and Seth and their self-taught bassist Bob Crawford playing sweaty bars, their performances were furious and passionate, akin to slam poetry. Later on, they softened their sound and built out their band, but they never stopped writing powerful lines.

 Throughout their more than two decades of music-making, they’ve released masteries of Southern literature (2007’s Emotionalism), roots music reinventions (2009’s I And Love And You) and a number of stunning sonnets about “pretty girls” in cities far and wide, as well as a few records that don’t go down as easy. But even on their weakest albums, there’s always at least one song that can plain stop you in your tracks. Even amid a few cringey pop-country diatribes and production missteps, that poetry always finds its way through.




  1. Never Apart (w/ Vocal Prelude)
  2. Love Of A Girl
  3. Cheap Coffee
  4. Forever Now
  5. Country Kid
  6. Orion's Belt
  7. 2020 Regret
  8. Same Broken Bones
  9. We Are Loved


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